Say YES to life.

“There is a still small voice in each of us that is our real voice… the more willing we are to listen to this voice, the easier it is to hear it. “

Life is so crazy sometimes, isn’t it? I don’t always know where the hours disappear to, but more time than not, they are gone. The hours, the days, the weeks. Life can just disappear. I am trying to consciously slow myself down. I struggle and I fail sometimes. But sometimes I succeed.

It’s a work in progress, basically.

I have found though, that if I surround myself with really good people and good “stuff” I am able to stay more aware and more in the moment. One of the things I like to do to help myself stay present and aware is read books on the topic. I like the reminders, the different tools that different authors suggest, and I love just connecting with an idea; it’s there in front of me on paper, but it hits a deeper part of my inner self. It’s like I read it, love it and the sound “ding” goes off…

As life is playing out, and as I’m a little busier than I want to be, I still am trying to share my experiences from the book, “Life Loves You” by Lousie Hay and Robert Holden. I’m nearly done the whole dang thing, but I have wanted to commit to sharing with you ideas or exercises from the chapters.

One of the things that really stuck out for me in Chapter 3, is how often people – myself included – say no in life. Even as a child, the word “no” in engraved in our minds and vocabulary before we can think or say much else. Our interactions with others revolve around that word, from a very young age.

I started to ponder how much I say no, and maybe how much I’ve missed out on because of it. It’s just an idea I’m playing with… but what if I said yes more?

What if I started saying yes to more things, people, ideas… and what if, because I did this, that life started giving me more to say yes to?

Hmmm… interesting…

In the book, Holden writes that people know what they want to say no to. They are sure of what they don’t want. But not many people know what they want, what they would say yes to.

Sound familiar?

Maybe you want to be in a relationship. Are you as clear about what you want, as to what you don’t want?

It’s so simple to me, this idea of being clear bout saying yes, and then just flat out saying yes! But at the same time, it’s kind of tripping my mind up. Do I know what I want to say yes to? I don’t know all of the time. Sometimes I am clear. Sometimes, not. I’m usually pretty clear on what I don’t want… what I say no to. But is this the angle I want to live my life from? An angle of what I don’t want? Because, if it is true that what we dwell on we will attract more of… why am I thinking of the “no” more than the YES?

Now, I’m totally crushing on the affirmation, “I say YES to life.” I have been reminding myself of this idea a lot. I even made it as the screen saver my phone! It’s going to be a good reminder to me. To start saying yes more, and to start expecting more TO say yes to. The yesses will flow. If I look for them, they’ve got to show up.


That’s the idea I want to leave you with from this particular chapter. Can you say YES more? Can you expect more to say yes to?

Cheers, to whatever your yes is…

Sending love, hugs, and butt slaps….




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