Part one: Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness 2015

As you know, the Annual Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness are upon us. Twelve days of Random Acts of kindness (RAK). Who’s with me!?

I hope you are joining along, and encouraging others to get involved, too. Do one day only or hell, do all twelve. All that matters is that you go out of your way to do something kind for other people.

I don’t share this here to brag about what I have done or try to shine some egotistical light on myself as being holier than thou. I post these not for attention, but to encourage others to get involved. To inspire them and to get their heart growing and their creative juices flowing. That’s it, that’s all.

Here we go!

Day one! I volunteered to wrap ALL of Grandma and Grandpas presents for the grandchildren. It took me a few hours, but it saved them probably double the time. I love wrapping presents! The past few years I have volunteered with the YMCA to wrap gifts. This is a great option if you don’t have anyone “close to home” to offer to wrap for. Check out your local YMCA for their needs. Most shifts are about 1.5 to 2 hours long, and all you do is hang out and wrap presents! I recommend this to anyone who wants to start volunteering but is intimidated by time commitments or their own busy schedule.


Day two! I put about 20 Christmas cards on the windshields of cars at the shopping center. So, when these shoppers came back to their vehicles from shopping, hopefully this put a little love in their hearts. 🙂 You can get Christmas cards from the dollar store for dirt cheap, or if you’re feeling extra crafty, you can make your own special cards!

Processed with MOLDIV

Day three! Ah yes, this one happened easily. I was at the grocery store and of course my big cart of groceries was in line and a lady came up behind me with just a few things.

Perfect,” I thought, “I needed someone to come in line behind me so I could offer for them to go in front of me.” I welcomed her to skip ahead in line and she accepted, informing me that this was wonderful as she was actually already running late. Well there you go, people. The Universe always provides us with who we need, when we need them. 😉

Day four! Off to the humane society I went! In tow I had a bunch of supplies of things that they go through quite quickly there. Their most needed supplies (apart from food for the animals, obviously) were paper towels, bleach and dish soap. I arrived with supplies in hand to give, and of course they were gracious and thankful.

Call your local animal shelter to see what products you could donate or to find out the brand of food they choice for their pets. Lethbridge Humane Society serves Acana basic adult and Acana puppy & Junior for the pooches. For the cats, they serve Acana Prairie Feast, incase you’re interested in buying dinner for these babes!

I unfortunately didn’t snap any photos of any of the little sweeties needing a home 😦 (I promise you there were plenty of little sweethearts, waiting to be loved on! You’ll just have to go see for yourself.) but you can check them out on Facebook here or check out the website here. Regardless of where you live, please call the shelter ahead of time to find out hours, their supply list, choice of dog and cat food, arranging visits or volunteering.

See you in a few days for the next couple of RAKs!

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps




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