2015 Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness, PART TWO.

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It’s getting so close to Christmas! Ten days away, people. TEN. DAYS.

Nine if you count the days left to get sh*t done.

Anyone feeling stressed yet?

I am actually doing okay. I have had all my shopping done for awhile. There are a few bottles of booze I need to buy, but apart from that, I’m ready to rock.

To continue with the theme of giving! Since that’s what you are here to read about. Here is part two of three for the 12 Days of Christmas Kindness… I hope these ideas are inspiring you to get out and try your own Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) this holiday season!

*     *    *     *     *     *     *     *

RAK 5 – I got a gift card for the grocery store and went and found a lady shopping with kids. I handed it over to her, saying I knew that it wasn’t much in the grande scheme of things but I would like her to have it, to help with her grocery expenses that day. She was so gracious! And so blown away. Her two little boys just stared at me, probably confused as to why this stranger was making mommy act so happy. Lol… it felt awesome.

RAK 6 – I went through the Tim Hortons drive-thru with the sole purpose of buying someone else’s coffee or lunch. A mini van pulled in behind me. YAH! So I ordered my coffee and when I got to the window to pay, I told the employee I wanted to pay for the van behind me, too. Good stuff. I bought their lunch that day, and drove off happily. Hopefully I made there day feel pretty lucky and light in the process..

RAK 7 – Okay, lotto tickets. This one is cheap and easy to do. $1 scratch and win lotto tickets are always fun to get, plus who doesn’t like the chance of getting rich?! I went and bought 5 scratch cards… I paid and as soon as the lady handed them to me, I handed the right back and said, “These are for you.” 🙂 I wished her good luck and she said had literally I made her day. Now, THAT is awesome.

RAK 8 – I had intentions of making christmas cookies to take the the fire hall or the police department. But unfortunately, my free time for baking these days is few and far between. So, I went and bought a dozen donuts instead. I can’t decide if thats cheating… lol… since my originally plan was to bake the cookies myself. Just roll with it, right?

Anyways! There I was with twelve donuts and my pooch (he came along for the ride). We cruised over to the nearby fire hall, and with a quick knock at the door, a man in uniform appeared. There. Right there. This trip is worth it, I thought to myself. (Who doesn’t like a man in uniform!?) I explained to him what I was doing and handed the donuts over for him to share and enjoy with his coworkers. In return, I got another bright smile delivered back to me.

I’m telling you guys, giving gets me high. 😀


Hope your 12 days of giving is giving back to you, the way mine is to me!

Sending love, hugs, and butt slaps



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