My love affair with nature




Have you ever just walked out amongst some trees, on a trail or on a hike and thought sigh, this is where I belong.

That’s definitely me. Every. Single, Time.

When I put myself out into the stillness of nature, into the green colors, into the freshness of it all, I automatically begin to reset. There is nothing that can chill me out or calm my mind and heart faster than this. Yoga is a close second, but nature by far takes the cake. It is my go to fixer.

Maybe it is the stillness of it all. The quiet. The leveled-out vibes. There are no energetic ups or  downs, just a steady constant even vibe. I melt into that vibe and find myself leveling out, too.

Or maybe it is the rich colors and shades of greens that I love. Isn’t it something, that the heart chakra is associated with the color green, and where I feel my heart always finds home, is also in the colour green… Coincidence? I think not.

For me, there is nothing like being out in the trees. It’s clean. All of it. And I don’t mean free and clean of garbage. I mean free and clean of other peoples emotions, vibes, and energies. Like a clean, white slate. Nothing in it or on it, but me. My space.

I can’t count the amount of times when I walked some dirt trail in the hills, mountains or forests and just cried. I’ve taken so many heartaches and stories with me into the trees, as I answered the pull to be healed by Mother Earth. I went in with hurt or confusion, but always came out with out the heaviness I had entered in with.

It’s amazing right? Like, really think about it. How many secerts have those trees taken on? All the friends and families that have walked those trails or paths together, while venting, crying or sharing heartache…

How many problems have literally been walked into the ground? The soil, twigs, pebbles and grass absorbing frustrations and hurts, as people walk, walk, walk … to get away from all the things weighing heavy on their minds. Pounding it out of their hearts and into the ground, one step at a time. Sweet release.

It is truly a magical place, out in the trees, on the trials. We can take so much “stuff” with  us as we start walking, but so much is always swiftly lifted and dissolved from our spirits, as we make our way through that green space. We are so taken care, of out there. Everything becomes right.

It is my absolute favorite place to be.

With love, hugs and butt slaps…




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