Beautiful People


Beautiful people. Oh those beautiful people. You know the ones, right? I’m not talking about physical features, make-up, height, weight or style. I’m just talking straight up beauty.

The inner stuff. The good stuff.

Beautiful people are my favourite. They inspire me. I try to be one and I do my best to associate with the likes of them.

What does it take to be seen as beautiful? It’s pretty simple, if you ask me.

  1. Kindness

Beautiful people are kind. To everything. To animals, the environment, to their neighbors, and strangers, to people who can do nothing for them and people who have wronged them.

Kindness is my absolute favorite thing in other people. But, there is one catch.

It has to be consistent.

If you are kind to me on a date, but rude and unkind with the waiter, you are not a kind person. Kindness doesn’t begin in one place and end in another. It’s not a light switch. It’s in every area of your life, no matter what. Be genuinely kind and you will be ten times more beautiful.

  1. Be Here Now.

Beautiful folks are oh so present.

They don’t have their head down, eyes locked on their smart phone while you chat with them. They don’t multi-task.

They are the ones at the park, just breathing in the fresh, crisp air while taking in the sounds of children laughing and the greenery around them.

They are the ones who make eye contact with others as they walk by and they smile, instead of looking away or playing with their phone.

They are the ones who ask the store clerk how their day is going and then truly listen for the answer, with auto-pilot turned off and instead, ready to engage.

They are really with you when they are with you. It feels so good to encounter people like this, right? They are all in. Totally, sincerely in the moment. Invested. Present. Available. That’s so beautiful. I love that.

  1. Just Own It.

Nike says Just Do It, but I say just own it. As in… rock your confidence. Confidence equals beauty.

Whatever it is you are doing, just own it. Are you cutting a rug on the dance floor at a wedding? Are you rocking your talents of playing the tuba without stopping to worry what others think of you and your music? Are you sharing your creativity with the world, without wondering if it will get any likes or reposts on social media?


It is so rad to see people be confident in whatever they are doing, saying or believing.

Just totally owning it, no matter what it is. I freaking love that; nothing inspires me faster.

  1. Live to serve

Beautiful people are givers.

Givers of time, love, money, energy… and they do so with out ever expecting anything in return. They just give happily, because they want to. Not because there is a pay off for them. Not because they think it’s the right thing to do. Not because it will get them attention or praise.

Only because they want to serve others. And as a result, they shine their beautiful light for us all to see.

Martin Luther King said, “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.”


Which in my mind means everybody can be beautiful because everybody can serve. Give it a shot, my beautiful friend.

  1. Smile.

Ah. So simple. “I’ve never seen a smiling face that wasn’t beautiful.” Genuinely smiling is the fastest way to be beautiful, transfer good vibes and share awesome energy. You’re made of that shit. Give it away and distribute the beauty.

An idea: next time you see a stranger walking by you, don’t glance away. See if they look at you and when they do, SMILE.

There is not much that differentiates you from them. Yes, you might look different, have different jobs and know different people. But we all feel love. We all feel pain. We bleed red. We have fears and hopes. So, are we really that different?

Smile at one another. You guys! We’re all in this together. And once you get that, this place doesn’t seem so big, a smile is easier to pass on and the world becomes a more beautiful place.

  1. Courage and struggles.

Courage. Is it not beautiful? When folks bravely share their struggles, for no reason other than to be human and let other humans know they are not alone… this is beautiful.

Suddenly, we are vulnerable but relatable. And it sets a person apart to a different level of beauty.

Sharing your struggles isn’t easy. But if you do so authentically, without trying to play up (or down) any part of the story, and just share for what it is, well… people relate to that. People connect to that. And the beauty of the human spirit shines through.

You can’t go wrong with this. Use your crisis to create connection and lift others up.

  1. Humble pie ain’t served here.

I can’t think of anything uglier than a cocky, full-of-themselves person. But a humble human? Someone who is quietly confident, humble in there humanness and relatable in his or her glory? My oh my… so beautiful.

Being humble doesn’t mean you have to downplay who you are, your talents and accomplishments. It is however, about remembering your human role and knowing that we are all made of the same star dust. Literally.

  1. Loving with out inquiring

Beautiful people accept others just as they are, with no strings attached. They love with out stopping to inquire whether or not the other person is worthy of love. They just love.

This is such a brave part of being beautiful.

And probably, the hardest for humans to do.

Yet, there are a few folks that we all know, who are just lovers. They love. That’s just what they do. No matter what, no matter who, no strings attached, no hidden agenda.

They love with out question or judgment of worthiness.

  1. Comparisons? Nope, not here.

One of the cool things about beautiful people is that they acknowledge the beauty in others with out comparing themselves or putting themselves down. They just see what is so, state it, know it and love it.

Beauty in one place doesn’t mean it can’t be in another. There is so much to go around.

For example, ladies, if you see another woman killing it and rocking it, that shouldn’t threaten you. It should inspire you. It is beauty and that shit should be everywhere. Don’t compare your beauty to theirs. Just love theirs and yours for what it is.

  1. Resilience and Grace

Two more of my favourite things in people: resilience and grace.

When I know people who have these two qualities, I am just so in love with them. It is so beautiful. I can’t explain how or why I am drawn to it. To know someone who chooses to be resilient, (because yes, that’s a choice) and to know someone who chooses grace (because, yes, this too is a choice) … well, dang. I am just so in awe of them and their beauty.

Playing up the pity party, the weak victim, or the drama queen – all that is too easy and too common.

But, to learn resilience and grace? Wow. It’s hard to take your eyes off those people, isn’t it? Go be one. Grow and shine your beauty, sweet thang.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Beauty is something you can add into and expand in your life. Where you will see it, how you will live it… that’s up to you. But, it is something readily available, no matter where you are at.

There are so many ways to be a beautiful person. This, of course, is just some of my personal favourites… I hope these ideas resonate with you and that you begin to notice beauty in all the places it currently is and all the places it can be.

Sending love, hugs, and butt slaps…




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