Amazing people…


Okay, listen.

I know there are some really messed up people out there. The news and media makes sure we know that.


And, I know there are some really mean strangers out there; we’ve all encountered them and been on the brunt end of their rude, harsh ways.


I definitely know that there are some really awful people directly in our lives, who we have allowed to overstay their welcome and who we have allowed to hurt us, simply because we love them and have a past with them.

But listen.

I also know there are some really amazing, awesome people out there.

People who buy your coffee when they are in line ahead of you at the coffee shop. People who offer for you to go ahead of them at the grocery store, because their order is bigger than yours, and they don’t want you to have to wait while theirs is rung up. People who offer to take your shopping cart back to the storefront for you, after you have emptied it of your bags and loaded up your car with the goodies.

There are really amazing people out there who stop and smile at little birdies playing and splashing around in rainy day puddles. People who close their eyes and breathe in the smell of fresh cut grass on a warm summer day. People who get excited and giddy and proceed to talk in baby talk to a strangers dog, as they pass them by.

There are really awesome  people who snort when they laugh, laugh at their own jokes, or laugh easily at yours. People who hug you so tight, that when you are loosening up to let go of them, you realize they are still holding you tight and not letting go. People who mail handwritten cards or letters for your birthday and the people who compliment strangers simply because they see their beauty.

There are awesome people who notice the tiny flower growing in the crack of the cement. People who notice the sun setting and stop to take it that beauty in, before it’s completely gone for the day. People who pick up the ladybug or spider from the corner of their home and move the sweet little life carefully outside, doing no harm.

There are some really amazing awesome people out there.


Notice them. They walk around you everyday.

Even better, choose to be one.

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps…






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