Goals and plans for the NEW year. Is it enough?


Two days ago, I sat down with my clean new 2018 day planner. I flipped through the pages, looking at the dates wondering what will be accomplished and by when. I transferred my messy list of 2018 goals from my journal, to a clean crisp paper in the new clean day planner. So now, it’s official.

For whatever reason putting my goals and dreams neatly on a clean paper, in my new clean day planner, using different colored pens, marking with stars and hearts, makes it official.

Is this enough? Am I playing too small? Are these goals all truly mine? Can I do more?

There are ideas and goals for monthly implementation… there are also things to “do” weekly… there are a few big things that will need most of the year to accomplish and there are small things that I can do this minute, every minute.

It’s quite varied.

But again, is it enough? Or is it too much?

I love quiet reflective time because I always answer my own questions. A few hours alone and I can figure pretty much anything out. Give me quiet and space and stillness and I can give you (and me) an answer.

I think that is why I enjoy goal setting and dream planning like I do. Because, I get to be alone for it.

I get the space and silence that I always crave when I am reflecting, dreaming and planning. I get the thoughtful quiet and then 100% of the time, a plan, answer or stillness in me will result, which makes any unsettled question mark on the forefront of my heart, dissolve and disappear. An openness, a tranquility, a peace takes its place.

So are my goals, ideas and plans big enough for me? Are they mine? Is there room for more?

I will know shortly.

For now, my heart and spirit asks for the stillness and quiet around me. The questions will dissolve and the answers will surface. Then I will know, and I will move forward with confidence and ease.




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