New year, new magic


I still can’t believe 2017 is over.

That rough, tough, broken and heavy year that rattled so many of our sweet hearts and resilient spirits is actually gone.

Listen, I totally know we didn’t need a countdown at midnight to create a fresh new start, or to leave the heavy yucky things behind. I totally get that. My tribe, myself, YOU… we are all capable, badass, love warriors who can start over the second we decide to. We don’t need a man-made “new year” to do it.

But still.

There is something about that momentum, that energy that just vibrates through everyone you meet and know.

New possibilities. New chances. New adventures. Everyone is just so for it. They are lit up and that lights you up. And you being lit up lights them up. Such a cool circle of energy.

Please, don’t lose that magic.

What you felt leading up to the new year, on that clean slate of new years day… whatever you felt, longed for, wished for, declared, discovered… please don’t forget it.

The city life world can be a funny place. People can fall into routine and predictability quickly and easily. In the beginning, they do follow that magic, but for whatever reason don’t continue to chase it to the other side. It’s like they forget how or why. They just become more of what they’ve always acted as, because they continue to do what they’ve always done.

That doesn’t have to be you. You are magic. Be that magic. Hold on to whatever was lighting you up and choose to carry it with you, everyday. Whatever you want, decided, dreamt up… it can be yours. We are never given the seed of a specific dream if we aren’t capable of fulfilling it. Believe that.

So, get to know your magic, and in turn you will get to know a new you.

But heres the cool part: this new you is actually the you of all along. The you that is finally being invited out from the shadows and the weight of the world. The you that’s all light and love and success and truly authentically comfortable existing as you are. Masks off, walls down.

Thats who you will be if you follow that magic and carry that energy with you wherever you choose to go, beyond new years day.

Remember the feelings that got you here. Don’t lose yourself to the hustle and bustle and routine of work life. Slow it down and choose your new path. Stay on it.

I can’t wait to see how each day will turn out for us.

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps…





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