How do you start your day?

I don’t know about you, but I know when I start my morning slow and deliberate, my day begins so much better and continues to feel way more mine.

When I wake up late, or wake up attempting to do a million things right out of the gate, I find myself reacting to other peoples needs and not responding to what I know my body and soul wants… what I know sets my day up powerfully.

I’ve tried to develop a little routine for myself – things to purposely do in the morning that I know will make me feel calm and together, before I start my day. When I feel like my own needs and wants are attended to, I feel more likely to be productive and efficient in knocking things off the to do list. I feel more motivated and ready to give to the demands of the people and energies around me.

Each morning is different: some mornings I wake up late, some mornings I don’t feel rested, and some mornings I wake up grumpy from an upsetting dream that seemed so real that it put me in a bad mood before I’ve even stepped out of bed.

For these disruptions to my flow, I try to just adjust on the fly. Do what I can. Make the best of the time I have left, and pick and choose what I can do, to try and get back on track as easily as possible.

One of the first things I like to do in the morning before I start giving my day away, is walk my dog Hobbes. I try to make this apart of every morning for two reasons. First, he will bug the crap out of me (moaning at me, sitting and staring at me, pawing at me) until I take him out for a cruise. So in order to preserve the peace of the early hours of my day, I try to take him out, so I know I am set up for some quiet me time after. Not only do I like to walk him early for that reason, but this is also where I start to get into my gratefuls and my affirmations for the day. In my head, on repeat, I will go through what I’m grateful for or an affirmation I need/what. Both of these help set the tone for the day and get my head in the right space. And I get to do them peacefully in the quiet, dark streets by myself.

When I’m back home, I’m having a hot cup of creamy coffee in silence. It is one of my favorite zen-out moments of the day. I don’t know what it is about a perfect hot cup of coffee sipped quietly, but it is so important for me when I’m starting my day. Silence and heat. No “on the go.” Sit and sip.

From here, the morning can change quite a bit, from day to day. Ideally, I like to meditate for 20 minutes followed by a 5-minute visualizing session. I always feel “on” when I give myself this time. But truth be told, this is also one of the things that I am I guilty of disposing of, if I am short on time.

One of my favorite coaches, Brendon Burchard, recommends refraining from checking your email or social media for at least the first hour of your day. He says that checking your these outlets leads you to a space of reacting to other people’s needs, instead of tuning into your own. I like this idea and really try to follow through with it.

Each morning is different and, of course, each person is different. Maybe you want to incorporate some of my ideas into your own morning routine; maybe you don’t. The point is, give yourself some YOU time before you instantly rush into your workday on autopilot.

Sit with your family, with out smart phones, and have breakfast. Go for a quick 20-minute jog. Journal. Read your book for 30 minutes. Stretch. Whatever it is that connects to a peacefulness inside of you, do it. Give yourself that much. You spend the next 8 or more hour’s responding to the working worlds needs, the least you can do is a small routine for yourself, before starting your work day.

It may take getting up a little earlier. It may take some trial and error to see what actually feels like it’s serving you and not draining you. But once you find your “you-space” for the morning, you will find a whole new world to be in. And then ideally, a whole new energy to carry with you in your day and serve the people in your life.

Sending you love, hugs and butt slaps




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