Feeling Free. How to get there.

Last week I wrote about the way I want to feel. As Danielle Laporte calls it, how we most want to feel is our core desired feelings.

I think when looking at ones life and taking inventory on what’s working and what’s not working, it can sometimes be hard to create action or design new habits to follow that inventory. Like, okay I know what I want but what next?!

I mentioned in my last post that I want to feel FREE. Knowing that is step one. Okay got it, you might think, you want to feel free. But then what?


How does one act in order to feel free? What action does someone take or what habits might they need to build in order to feel more free?

It can actually be a lot simpler than it sounds. There are action opportunities everywhere.  Here are a few things I do to feel the way I want to feel:

~ I want to feel FREE so I’ve been selling off things I do not need anymore on the facebook marketplace. I’ve also been going through all my clothes to get rid of that which I don’t wear, in order to donate them to the secondhand store. I’m minimizing what’s in my space. Consider this… What you own owns you. I don’t like feeling like a prisoner to the things around me. I want space from that… freedom from that. It’s amazing how free I feel when I have less stuff cluttering my energy. Free and spacious and clear. FREE.

~ I want to feel FREE so I’ve been working hard to stick to a budget, knowing that the work of pinching pennies and turning down some things now, will pay off with financial freedom later.

I am saving to pay for our 2020 holidays and adventures with CASH. As in, yes, using cash for everything holiday related. Cash and only cash.

I am putting money aside every pay period for house emergency and maintenance funds, retirement as well as things like vet emergency. I know that when something arises that we need funds for, fast, the work I put into saving for those events will have paid off. I won’t have to use the credit card to pay for it. I will be free to move forward and away from that transaction with out being tied to the debt that is keeping it in my life. My actions of budgeting and saving now are creating freedom for later. I feel free when I pay for things in cash, with out wondering if I can afford it or how I will pay off the debt. Free… zero stress. Zero prisoner. FREE.

~ I want to feel FREE so I’ve been practicing (and failing… but still practicing) speaking what I feel needs to be said. And I can’t stress this enough that it is SUCH a practice for me, and most times it is very uncomfortable. But I’ve realized it beats the alternative, which is letting things go unsaid. And then having negative feelings festering on those words I felt could have been spoken and the feelings left unacknowledged.

I want to feel FREE to express myself in conversation and feelings. I want to feel FREEdom in the flow of conversation. I want to be free to trust myself and my ability to say what needs to be said, both clearly and concisely. Which, up until recently, hasn’t been the case. SO I am practicing taking those steps. One day, I wont have to consciously remind myself to speak up, but for now, I practice. And for now, it’s helping me feel free from being tied to should/coulda/wouldas that plague my head space and heart space after the missed opportunity. And I promise, feeling like “I should have spoke up” or “I could have said something”… well, dwelling on those feelings is the opposite of FREE.

~ I want to feel FREE in my spirit and in a deep sense of self… so I create habits that allow me to do the things I love. I go for nature walks and hikes, I meditate daily and breathe deeply, I move through some gentle yoga while my kiddo sleeps….  everyday I journal my gratefuls and read books every night that light my heart up. All these things make me feel free. Less trapped. Less stifled. More understood. Closer to freedom. Closer to how I want to feel. FREE.

There are plenty of ways I aim to act, in order to feel closer to how I want to feel. My point here is to know the feelings you want, but more importantly weave actions through out all areas of your life, actions that will lead to feeling how you want to feel. Knowing what you want is only half the battle… the rest comes in taking action to make it real.




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