Ready, set… reset!

How do you know it’s time to reset?

What are some practices you put in place to help you reset?

Sometimes I am so far off from myself that I know I just need to hit the reset button. It can be easy to think, “after the weekend I will” or “one more cheat meal and I will.” This thinking slows me down and spirals me into frustration.

Sometimes, to be perfectly honest, I will wait til after that meal or after that weekend.

But I am trying to reset faster, with my end goal being not wavering AS much that I have to reset as often. We are human beings, of course, and we will get off target and need that hard reset occasionally. But lately, I have wanted to reset too much, to soon or too often.

What are some ways you deal with the need to reset?

Do you juice cleanse your way out of a shitty weekend diet? Sweat it out in a sauna or in a yoga class hot room? Cancel all social arrangements so you can get your sleep schedule back? Do you hit the gym so hard you can hardly walk a few days in?

I have tried all of the above, Sometimes they work great. Most times they need to be accompanied with a good hard internal check in: why am I still doing these things that make me feel like I need to reset anyway? Why am I not more consistent with the things that make me feel good?

I need to make some changes. Specifically to my nutrition and diet. I don’t feel good enough of the time to feel like I am eating what I should be. I grab what is fast or easy so I can easily take time or take care of my son. But what is that teaching HIM?

I’m ready to reset. Start fresh and start over. Create new habits.

Wish me luck.



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