Can I tell you a little more?

Beach McDooogs

Oh, Hiiiiii my friend.

Let’s jump right to this, shall we.? You have clicked on this page because you are curious. Am I right? Perfect! I like you already. Curiosity is wonderful. And it is a trait we share. So yes, as the title states, let me tell you a little more.

Like a lot of blogs out there, I write about life: my own sexy-fun-crazy-hurtful-heartfelt-a-little-bit-of-everything life. I am a pretty average gal. I battle my weight… I have ups and downs with boyfriends and family… I am on a budget… I eat pizza and ice-cream… I easily express my love and admiration for my friends and family, yet have a harder time expressing it for myself.

I love reading books, painting my fingernails black, and wearing dresses. I laugh hard at silly jokes. So hard, that I might snort. Most of these jokes that I find hilarious are my own.

I cry at sappy movies, at commercials, to music and life. I sit quietly with fear and doubts, worrying I won’t get to do all the things in life I long to do. Sometimes, I’m not quiet with them at all and I whine and am far more worrisome than I want to be. I screw up… I make mistakes.

So, maybe you and I aren’t that different?

With all the things that make us the same, however, I have some pretty unique things going on in my life that sometimes can scare the shit out of me.

For one, I am a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Yes, that means I fight, in front of large crowds, for what is usually not large amounts of money. My sport can be violent, but I am the furthest thing from a violent person. The saying, “I’m a lover not a fighter” very closely defines me. I train my sport and its components everyday, but I always find time to balance my hard side with some softness, by practicing yoga and meditation.

I teach yoga, as well, but am more comfortable defining myself as a student than a teacher. Thinking of myself as a yoga teacher, as a leader or as someone responsible for anothers well-being can be terrifying and overwhelming. But I will say this: it is a high like none other. Teaching a room full of yogis, watching them express and silently work through their “stuff”, while moving in unison with everyone around them is beautiful and breath-taking, every single time I witness it.

To get to know me a bit further, please continue with your good choices (I mean, you did end up on my blog page, well done…) and read my postings. I hope my words can help you find a laugh or a deep reflective thought. I hope that me divulging and sharing my sexy and brave (or not so sexy and not so brave) experiences will offer you up a feeling of, “Phew! I’m not the only one” or “oh cool, I’d love to try that!”

I write with good intentions and friendly vibes. I hope you feel the realness in all that I am offering up.

With that being said, go on and get reading my beautiful new friend! I am truly grateful you are here for me to share with.

Sending love, hugs and butt slaps…



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