F*ck Cancer

I remember when I would count down for the weekend, contemplating all the crazy shenanigans that I could get into… boys to kiss, places to shop, bars to leave my mark on. Not much has changed. Actually, that’s a huge lie. While I still think about boys I would like to smooch, and I still shop like a motha fawka, I hardly ever go out on the town like I use to. The bar scene just doesn’t stimulate me anymore.

This weekend, however, I attended a fundraiser at a little pub called Jolly Macs in Surrey BC. And it was not just any fundraiser, but was one held in honor of my BFF Deirdre and her battle with Cancer.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or even if you read a few of my postings on this blog, you know exactly who Deirdre is and how much she means to me. She is the hop in my scotch, the jelly in my bean, and the zig in my zag. She truly does put the ZING in amazing.

On Saturday the incredible staff at this pub, along with every other person who came out to show their support for Deirdre, raised over $20,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. $20,000!!! That is mind blowing stuff for one day.

There were laughs. Tears. More laughs. More tears. And multiple special moments of loved ones having their heads shaved, pictures being taken, and tattoos, like this one, being unveiled. That’s Deirdre’s handwriting… taken by a friend and tattooed on his shoulder, after Deirdre wrote it on paper with out knowing what would come to be of it.

To have a best friend in your life time, a soul mate of a best friend, is truly one of life’s greatest gifts. And to be able to witness something as touching as a fundraiser specifically for the person that you love so much is enough to leave you speechless. Here is this person, who you would do anything for, who is wonderful beyond belief and who you love like family… and they are viewed in that light by a whole community of people. Unreal.

After witnessing this type of event, it really makes you step back, look at the world and think, “Wow… there are some incredible people out there, who have a lot of love to give.” Because there truly is. What a great reminder.

Keep on spreading the love folks.

Hugs and buttslaps,

McDooogs xoxo

“I am touched to my very core by all my family and friends who came out to support and give generously. To my JMac’s family, you have outdone yourselves and I will never forget the overwhelming amount of work, dedication, love, and generosity you poured into it.” ~ Deirdre

Acts of LOVE

Sometimes, your sexylicious life can throw you an unexpected curve ball. Or maybe it throws a pitch at you so fast and so outa whack, that you hardly have time to think,“Holy shit, that thing is coming right for me!” and it’s everything you can do to just dive out of the way of the ball that is speeding at you, looking to take you out. You dive for cover, but the little bastard hits you anyway.

Ouch. That’s going leave a mark.

Now, not only do you have to worry about the bruising and swelling… but you have the mind chatter of, “What the f#ck was that!? That pitch was awful! I was only playing for fun! Why would she pitch it at me like that!? I didn’t sign up for the major leagues… what a bitch.”

Apparently, that can be life. Things barrel at us with speed and force, that we don’t always see coming. These shit disturbers can knock us on our ass, or completely knock us out cold. Then when we come to, we get to deal with the aftermath, the clean up and a new way of how things will be done from there on in. And what does life do, after it shakes your world life a snow globe? It just carries on. It doesn’t pause for you to collect your bearings, recruit a helpful team or devise a clean up plan. It just marches on.

Recently, my best friend Deirdre had a nasty curve ball thrown at her. She was diagnosed with Cancer.

The details, at this time, I am choosing not to share. It is what it is, and so we suit up and prepare for battle. When I first found out, the tricky part of this situation for me was that Deirdre and I hadn’t lived in the same city for roughly a year… meaning I couldn’t just drive over to her house and give her the massive hug and kiss that I wanted to. I had my phone, and my computer to send my love with and that was it.

“Screw this,” I thought. Why would I stay where I was, when all I want to do was be there with her as she went through this?

So, I packed up my car, drove 10 hours from the cold snowy prairies of Alberta to the the Vancouver lower mainland to be with my girl.

People said, “That is an amazing act of love. You are so incredible for giving up everything and moving out to be with her.”

It’s strange, to me, for that to be an amazing act of love. In my eyes, it sorta seems like a no brainer. Wouldn’t you go where you A) are needed, but also, B) wanted to go? Of course I am going to be here with her; there is nowhere else on earth I would be. She is my best friend. It only makes sense to me. When she goes to war, I go with her.

If a job ever comes before my best friend… if a house/condo is ever chosen over a best friend… if money, comfort zones, and predictability take priority over a best friend, then a reevaluation of that relationship would be in order. Not only of that friendship, but a reevaluation of ones self, as well. Take a look at what you stand for in your sexylicious life… what is important to you? Is what you claim as important to you, being reflected in your life?

I will admit flat out, I am scared. Are you kidding? Of course I am. This is terrifying. And being brave sucks ass sometimes. But would I have it any other way? Would I be able to live with myself, happily and peacefully, in Alberta while my best friend, my soul mate, my sister from another mister was in the fight for her life, and I voluntarily chose not to be there with her? I wouldn’t be able to live with that. I had but one option. Get my ass out to be with her.

I am incredibly blessed with an amazingly supportive family, helping this fast change take place. Not only did my parents pitch in financially, but they are also taking care of my little pup Danger, as well as my little condo while I am away. They have obviously sacrificed as well. My “amazing acts” wouldn’t be able to happen so quickly and with such ease, if it weren’t for their amazing acts. For them, I am eternally grateful.

I have to ask you my friends, please keep some sexylicious positive thoughts flowing for my girl. We love them and thank you for them… and know that every little bit helps. And, just as importantly, as you carry on with your day-to-day  sexylicious life, make sure you are living it in a way that reflects what you claim and believe is important to you.

Sending and receiving love,