Another lesson in compassion: finding old journals and being okay with who I was

It’s only when I actually slow myself down from being sucked back into the past, into the hurt and into that fear based way of living, that I can pause long enough and realize I don’t have to hurt AS that old girl. I don’t have to GO back to those experiences. I can find the lesson and leave the experience…. Continue reading


Awareness first.

Here are five ideas to help you strengthen your ability to be aware of what’s going on around you, and therefore react appropriately and choose your perspective in a way that serves a better version of you, and your life… Continue reading

Dear Sweet thang…


Dear sweet thang,

In case you need to hear it, please know this. I see you. I feel you.

And you are doing just fine.

What you’re dealing with isn’t easy. Or fair.

You’re struggling and you’re not even sure if anyone sees that you are struggling. “Am I  really alone in all of this?” It feels like the weight of the world is on your chest and you can’t breathe. Everything hurts.

Your eyes are sore and swollen from crying. Your shoulders slumped forward, almost trying to further protect your broken heart.

But, you, my sweet friend. You are doing it. You are surviving. Even though it feels like you’re not. How do I know you are surviving? Cause you are still here. Still waking up and moving. Still trying.

You are my hero.

Because I know this isn’t easy for you. The pain. The hurt. The loneliness. Why is this happening, you wonder? Where did I go wrong?

I would take away your pain if I could. I would offer you a sweet cup of hot tea, my couch and a soft blankey. I would say, “talk to me, my friend. Give me all your worries. Let me hear them.” And energetically I would hold so much love and light around you as you shed your pain, little by little, tear by tear.

You are not alone.

I see you. I feel you.

And even though it doesn’t feel like it, you are doing just fine.

Keep going. One moment at a time. One deep breathe at a time. You can get through this. I know you can.

Sending so much love and hugs,




Lessons from 2016, Hopes for 2017

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I think that when we release and let go of something from our past, we energetically create space for something new to come in. When we look at our year, and let go of the experiences that moved or rocked us, all awhile keeping the lesson it taught us, we can propel ourselves into more life, more excitement, more love. Continue reading